Double take a look at this. #3 of the UK’s (worlds) biggest Dj’s are coming together to bring you everything you need to know about the music industry direct into your living room. This concept is designed to improve or get you up and running in the right direction to start learning to Dj or produce music. This is leaning by the masters. With over 90 years combined skillset in the music industry. Spanning decades of time & multiply genres of music Dj Slipmatt, Mark XTC & Atomic Hooligan are online to incorporate everybody’s needs. Doesn’t matter at what skill set you are in any aspect of the industry. These classes will suit all.

1st step head over to and submit your email address to show your interest.

16th April 2020 20:00 – 21:00 (BST)

Interest but want to know more? Why not check out the podcasts as the My DJ Hub team introduce themselves. “My DJ Hub is a regular podcast aimed at sharing experience and knowledge with DJs around the world with the aim of helping people on their musical journey. Whether you’re a hobby DJ or a true pro, we’ll always have something for you including conversations with many legends in the game…”

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